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Birth Location Search Help

How The Search Works

  • Typing in 3 or more characters begins the location search.
  • City / town must come first in your search string. Matching happens from left to right.
  • Appending county, state, or country will further refine the search results.
  • City / town must match first, but any level (state, country) can be appended to refine results.
  • Typically names are spelled out without abbreviations.

Finding Your Location in the Results

  • If many results are returned, you can scroll down through the list until your find your exact location.
  • Location results are grouped by country, then alphabetically by state, county, and city.
  • Clicking on a location result will select it for you.

Location Example: Portland, Oregon, USA

  • Typing in "Portland" will return location results for all Portlands around the world.
  • Continuing with "Portland, Ore" will return only one result: the Portland in Oregon.
  • Additionally, typing in "Portland, United States" will return all Portlands throughout the United States.

Tricky Cases: Cities Named After Saints

  • "Saint" is typically spelled out, but a few locations have abbreviated it to "St".
  • Try spelling out "Saint" and the name first. If the city / town does not match, then try with "St".

If you cannot find the location you are searching for, contact